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Welcome to the website of the Rocky Mountain Division of the American Society for Aesthetics.  We are a relatively small, interdisciplinary group of scholars and artists devoted to the study of aesthetics, its theories, applications, history, and origins.  Founded in 1984, the division gathers each year in July in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to share research and hold discussions in several forums, including the presentation of scholarly papers, the keynote address, and the exhibition of work by a visiting artist.  Interested faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars and artists are encouraged to join us at the annual conference.  If you are interested in delivering a paper or organizing a panel at the conference, please refer to the Call for Papers located elsewhere on this site.

As a division of the American Society for Aesthetics, we adhere to its definition of aesthetics, quoted herein:

“The American Society for Aesthetics was founded in 1942 to promote study, research, discussion, and publication in aesthetics. ‘Aesthetics,’ in this connection, is understood to include all studies of the arts and related types of experience from a philosophic, scientific, or other theoretical standpoint, including those of psychology, sociology, anthropology, cultural history, art criticism, and education.  ‘The arts’ include the visual arts, literature, music, and theater arts” (ASA Website, 2005).

The website of the national organization offers dozens of links to aesthetically-minded sites and organizations.  Click on American Society for Aesthetics to access their pages, which include a searchable database of the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.

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